Vision Group, a residential real estate investor and asset manager from Mannheim, lays the foundation for further growth through a strategic partnership with KKR, a leading global investor.

Together with KKR, Vision will make suitable residential properties available to private investors, family offices or institutional investors as an investment opportunity in the future. Vision and KKR will acquire properties and optimise them through targeted investments in order to improve the quality of living for tenants and increase the energy efficiency of the buildings. Subsequently, the professionally managed real estate units will be offered for sale to private investors as an attractive long-term savings and retirement opportunity. All existing tenancies will remain unaffected by the transactions, both at the time of acquisition by Vision and KKR and upon resale.

The focus of the strategic partnership is on attractive medium-sized cities throughout Germany.

f. l. t. r. Niclas Wallrafen (COO), Klaus Darmstädter (Investor), Prof. Henning Balck (Advisory Board), Felix Balck (CEO & Founder)

Vision Group was founded in 2016 and is an investor, developer and residential property owner with a portfolio of now more than 500 flats.
"Seven years after Vision Group was founded, we are heralding the next phase in the development of our company. With the strategic partnership with KKR, we are preparing the company for future growth. Our market expertise and our sustainable and digital business model are the cornerstones of our success. We look forward to working with KKR to build on this and jointly serve the demand for retirement and wealth accumulation opportunities," says Felix Balck, founder and CEO of Vision Group.

Niclas Wallrafen, COO and Partner of Vision Group, comments: "Our full-service solutions along the entire real estate value chain particularly distinguish our business model. An integral part of this is our investment in the quality of our properties - with a focus on measures to increase energy efficiency and tenant satisfaction."