Vision at a glance

Status Q1 2022


Asset under Management approx. in € million




Satisfied customers

Our focus

90% of the portfolio is
Residential real estate investments

Short project runtimes

from 12 - 36 months (longer in special cases)

Vertically integrated business model

Control over the entire value creation process (purchase, asset management and sale)

Over 65,000m² of lettable space under management

Vision Group has managed over 65,000m² of rental space across Germany since 2016.

30+ locations

The Vision Group concentrates on Germany's metropolitan areas, especially B and C locations with high potential. We are already active with projects at 30 locations in Germany.


We are committed to ESG, protect the environment, support social projects and implement supervisory structures.

Living needs vision

Living needs ideas for real estate investments, sustainably successful and digital ones that are not only digitally efficient but also meet the requirements of sustainability: ecological + social + economic. Living needs people. Living needs a liveable vision for people.

We know that the construction and real estate industry is undergoing a profound and time-critical change in values and technology - and that we need a vision today that is both sustainable and realistic in order to be successful in the long term.

We manage housing stock with a fully digitalised, integrated full-service business model along the entire value chain. Aligning the technology we use with the goals of sustainable construction enables us to make cooperative, competent and economically successful residential investments. This benefits our investors, tenants and everyone who works with and for us.

Agility, creativity and visionary entrepreneurship are our competitive advantages in creating sustainable quality of living and professionalising investments in residential real estate. In doing so, we focus on the people and users of our properties and their needs. We communicate at eye level, seek mutually agreeable solutions and thus create rent management that is capable of reaching a consensus. Building on this, we develop suitable solutions for the entire value chain along our digitally integrated business model. This benefits our investors, tenants and everyone who works with and for us.